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Nadeem Ghazi


World Learning Grammar School


Nadeem Ghazi is an educator, positive behavior change and peer mediation trainer by passion, a social entrepreneur by profession and a social worker by persistence. Having worked with 63000 youth, students, teachers, schools administrators. Nadeem has had opportunities to influence topline schools, teacher’s administrator’s individuals in far-fetched villages, marginalized communities, people with disabilities and relief camps.

Nadeem has been serving in different educational institutions for more than 16 years. He is the founder and Director of World Learning Educational Society that supports young minds and hearts for basic & peace education schools in Pakistan.

Nadeem Ghazi has worked intensively Peace education activities with youth in conflict areas of Pakistan, like Lyari, Sultanabad, Korangi and SWAT Vallay in KPK Pakistan.

Nadeem has extensive peace education experience having worked as a Regional Coordinator for a peace education project in partnership with Peaceful Schools International Canada and the United States Institute of Peace. His schools have been in collaboration for promoting the word of peace with Peace Direct-UK, and the British Council for Sports For Peace for more than 3 years project and training 3000 thousand youth from Karachi. He has worked as an international representative for The Peace Foundation .Ghazi is representing every year Schools' Peace Week Pakistan with the Collaboration of The Peace Foundation every year, in 2016 more than 120 schools participated a crossed Pakistan.

Nadeem Ghazi has worked intensively Peace education activities with youth in conflict areas of Pakistan, like Lyari, Sultanabad, Korangi and SWAT Vallay in KPK Pakistan.

Ghazi has participated in developing the manual “Peaceful Schools to Peaceful Communities in Pakistan”, a resource of the United States Institute of Peace. Locally in Pakistan, he has trained the staff of CARE International, Shirkat Gah, and more than 80 schools and different NGOs in Pakistan, introducing them to peace education and its implementation with curriculum integration.

Nadeem completed an Master in Education in Administration &School Leadership and MBA in Human Resource Management. He has attended peace education training from Peaceful Schools International. He was scholarship recipient in Equitas, human rights training in Montreal, Canada and also attended peace and conflict resolution courses at the United States Institute of Peace. He received two times scholarships from SIT Graduate Institute USA for CONTACT program for peace. He is honorably recipient of Peace building certificate at Coady International Institute, STFX University, Canada.

Nadeem Ghazi has worked at Peace Foundation as an Intern for Peace Education Programs, Leadership through peer mediation, Peaceful Family Communication Course, and Cool Schools Program that he promotes to underprivileged and conflict areas schools in Pakistan. He presented peace education work in Pakistan to numbers of colleges and universities in Auckland, New Zealand e.g. Kings College, Massey University, Auckland University and Saint Francis Xavier University, Canada, Saint Mary's University, Canada and George Town University, USA. Nadeem Ghazi has attended Mediation Workshop from LEADR-Association of Dispute Resolvers at The Arbitration and Mediation Centre, Auckland New Zealand

Ghazi has conducted peace education training to Khushal Girls' School(Malala's School) to his father and SWAT region education board. grHd1c5E6sWiGoPS-hPxK4udxv

Nadeem has been member of Education for Global peace (University of California) and International Institute of Peace Education. Recently, Ghazi was interviewed by United States Institute of Peace at Peace Frequency for his peace education works in Pakistan

His work for peace has been highlighted in numbers of media coverage:

Nadeem Ghazi was awarded a gold medal for best community services by All Pakistan Patni Muslim Jamat and received a distinguished community service award from Lyari Municipal Community Office in Karachi.