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World Learning Evening School

Literacy Program

Education is a basic human right. When a Child studies, he can make his Future. Being able to read and write is essential. Written words are gateways to knowledge and opportunity that are only accessible to those with the ability to decipher them. Despite the known benefits of literacy, Millions of young people in low- and lower middle-income are unable to study, even a single sentence.

Our Mission

The Mission of Literacy Program is to provide Education of those children who do not go to school because of low or middle income and special those children who are working during day and cannot join school, as they give financial support to family by working.

Students, who are unable to read or write, make them ability to read and write and then prepare them for board Examination.

We provide them good and quality education that without a strong foundation of literacy skills, children are more likely to struggle for their living and future.

Our Location

This Program (World Learning Evening School) is currently running at Wisdom House, Kharadar Campus and Creative House, Malkani Campus Moosa Lane and sonly it will start in all branches of World Learning Grammar School.

Let’s Create World Change

Without help of each other, World cannot be change. Let’s come with us and help of us to create World Change and make Educated Pakistan.

For any query, help or work with us

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